Cisco ios updating dns

they had to stop and rethink/recap their strategy!!!

To configure a DNS server on a Cisco Router and/or Switch you’ll use the After specifying DNS servers you have the ability to ping named host such as or internal network host using the internal DNS servers.

Without a naming solution, each of the devices on the Internet (as well as private networks) would need to be accessed via an address solely.

Up until recently, this address was an Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address, which included a number that was represented as four octets (i.e. Using these addresses to access a few known resources on the network is relatively easy; however, when trying to deal with thousands of different devices and addresses it becomes unmanageable quickly.

My mission, which the sys admin gave me no choice but to accept, was to change the DNS ip addresses each voice server was pointing to.

Now in sys admin world, this is hardly a big thing, but in voice world, no change is so small and insignificant that cannot be made intricately cumbersome to complete.

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