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The more I thought about it, the more I began to grasp the often-messy consequences of drinking while dating.There was that guy I took home whose name I didn’t remember.In her book Drinking: A Love Story, Caroline Knapp dedicates an entire chapter (titled, of course, “Sex”) to this troubled combination.“Almost by definition alcoholics are lousy at relationships,” Knapp writes.I always have a designated driver," says Joy, 37."Whether they drink a lot, a little or not at all doesn't bother me.As long as they don't care that I may have a couple, we'll get along just fine," says Jen, 36."I'd be apprehensive but I don't know that it's a dealbreaker," says Sarah, 26."For me, dating someone who doesn't drink is like dating someone who votes Republican.

I have several friends who are sober and they're just as awesome off the sauce as they were when they were on it, but I also feel like certain events are reserved for them and others reserved for my drinking buddies.I called my Dream Boyfriend, someone who doesn’t exist in real life. I started to cry into the phone as I tried to orient myself on the streets of a town I’ve never been to, eventually wandering into a romantic piazza tiled in bold oranges and blues. I will say that, in every way, my life is better sober. It’s the story of a young woman named Kate who wrestles with sobriety and loses her partner in the process. There is only one thing that I am not better at, and that’s dating.It's just like someone refusing to partake in one of my favorite hobbies!" exclaims Rachel, 21."I married a sober person and it's perfect since forever.

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