Dating someone too nice

She’s the kind girl with a big heart, who few people date. Quite contrary actually, she’s too good for just about everyone. Which might hurt you more than any unkind word, you might have said to her. She doesn’t look down on anyone unless she’s helping them up.

I don't want to tell anyone what to do, or whom to trust, but that's just how I feel. Is anybody ever really that nice or that happy without having ulterior motives?Her response is lacking understanding, of why someone would do that to her. She’ll look at others first…Somehow she can find the good in people, you might view as tainted and flawed. Her impact isn’t one she even realizes, because she isn’t looking at herself.She’s just embracing herself, with ambitions of bettering someone else’s life. Every holiday, every birthday just expect to be outdone.We were none too pleased with this: Maybe we are not old fashioned enough, but we figured if a girl makes it out of the New York subway, she should easily capable (and independent) enough to walk five blocks to a bar.His worst showing of being too nice was when he was on a first date with a girl and he walked her into the subway station (behind the turnstile-- he paid even though he wasn't riding the train), and waited with her for the train to come. Here are some ways that this could ring true: Hey, a good friend is hard to find.

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