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The Stanley Rule and Level Company spent a lot of time and effort developing a market and filling the need or demand of early craftspeople wanting top quality tools.Stanley woodworking planes were designed for use in a wide range of applications in many different trades as well as those typically associated with woodworking or cabinetry.Assembing your first set of tools is the biggest challenge.I've listed here 28 items you need to build the more common pieces of furniture.Chisels are the workhorses of most jointmaking, removing waste to prepare dovetail pins and mortises and tenons for clean fits.Heavy mortise chisels struck with a mallet are especially good for the fast waste removal required for chopping mortises.

Other categories include boring tools, which include hand-operated drills such as braces, and screwdrivers.

I got a nice Gerstner style wooden toolbox awhile back.

It has a metal Starrett plate on the front, and the drawers are lined with red felt.

The history of tools and hardware tells the story of two conflicting impulses.

The first was the urge—or, more likely, the necessity—to handcraft one’s home and furnishings.

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The manufacture of hand tools and hardware in the United States essentially began in 1843, when Frederick T.

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