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Some will live, and some will die, and some will hack the other sailors into pieces or peel off their skin — which is the case with Doctor F-ckster, who is, I guess, fashioning a Freddie-shaped coat out of Freddie, which he intends to wear while axe-murdering Effy. Now, go find yourself a Freffy shipper and hug it out. I have two more things to say:1) It was 3 a.m., thundering and lightning like mad as I watched this epsidoe. F-ckster’s scenes because Skins is better than that, and we’rebetter than that.At the very end, when the camera panned outside the door and Dr. And aren’t there more important things to scare kidsabout than getting legitimate psychiatric treatment from legitimatepsychiatric professionals?

Skins fans voted it to victory in the Audience Award category at last year's Baftas, beating The X Factor, Coronation Street and The Apprentice.F-ckster started walloping Freddie with his bat, I was already terrified — but at the exact moment the blood splattered against the window, the top shelf of my walk-in closet collapsed, which caused every other shelf in my closet to collapse, and it was just this percussion of books and boxes and picture frames and clothes and old laptops and whatever else just crashing and smashing, in the middle of the night in the middle of a storm in the middle of a murder, ten feet from my head.2) I think we’re all pretty clear that deconstructing narrative is my favorite thing in life, but having Effy’s psychiatrist beat Freddie to death with a baseball bat is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. I am trying to think of anything that has ever repulsed me like that on TV. , which is annoying to a brain-melting degree, even though Wubzy’s best friends are flaming homosexuals. There was the episode when Naomi and Emily had lesbian sex by a beautiful lake, the time Effy’s counsellor beat Freddie to death with a baseball bat, and who could forget Anwar, the Muslim boy who got his kicks from tequila, dope and pills? Since it first appeared in 2007, the hit E4 series about teenage kicks has revolutionised youth TV, inspired a lot of riotous parties and made stars of the cast.Its young writers (who have included Simon Amstell, Jack Thorne and Chimerica’s Lucy Kirkwood) have kept it real, successfully portraying the complex emotions of 16- and 17-year-olds on the brink of adulthood.

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Nicholas Hoult 23 (Tony) The skinny: The former child star (Marcus in About a Boy) grew up on screen playing Skins’s sexually prolific charmer, Tony Stonem.

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