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Let’s look at an example of a Type pairing that does not fall under any of the aforementioned qualifiers, yet I have encountered several of these pairs in love and business relationships (excerpt from the section Dynamics and Distinctions in my book ): Type 6 The Loyal Skeptic and and Type 8 The Boss Type 6s like to be protected and feel safe, and Type 8s like to protect.Type 6 can be very loyal, and Type 8 demands loyalty. Type 8s have a more focused and intentional way of being active, while Type 6s keep busy trying to allay their own anxiety.I find people often choose Types that are one of their Enneagram Type’s connection points.For instance, I see many 6/9, 7/1, 2/8 Type pairings.There is something we need to learn from our two connecting points.Additionally, the more outwardly confident, assertive Types (3,7,8) and the more socially withdrawn Types 4/5/9 (The Hornevian Types ala Karen Horney) magnetize one another.Determining your Enneagram type is a process of self-discovery.

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -Roald Dahl 1. female - never gets laid cause nobody's good enough.

2's give the best oral 3's have wide range of refined skill set 4's most creative sadomasochism 5's grotesque power contraptions 6's great at mixing it up- hot then cold, dominant then weak 7's best at loving/sexing you... 8's perfect for those who lack initiative 9's make the pleasure so good that you forget that they are there 1's always ready to give/experience it in tight or strange orifices j/k Actually, I wonder how instinct stackings play in bed... sx lasts saying that sex isn't about "intense merging" for them; like it's all about sheer physical pleasure or some sort of companionship feeling.

Some sx-lasts I know in real life actually give me vibes of being asexual.

They desire to feel connected, both to other people and to the world at large.

They frequently feel most at home in nature and generally make warm and attentive parents.

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