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Ballots with signature issues are held in secure storage and cannot move forward until the signature is verified. Sorting does not happen every day, or at all hours.If there is no live stream or no activity in the ballot sorting area, please check back again at another time or day.To stream a live event from your smartphone, you need a video streaming app.There are plenty of those, including social ones such as Periscope or the latest Alively, and more professional ones like Ustream or Wirecast Cam, some of them such as Livestream and Wowza Gocoder being restricted to their service only.The girl obeyed: She took off her clothes and posed as he demanded.That scenario emerged in the case against Salazar, who later copped a plea to child pornography charges.When ballots are delivered to King County Elections, the signature on each envelope is scanned by our mail sorting machines and sent electronically to the signature verification team.Once the signatures have been reviewed and accepted, we prepare envelopes for the opening process by cutting the top of the envelope for easier ballot extraction.

From his suburban Tacoma, WA, home, he messaged a woman an ocean away, in the Philippines.

The Elections Service Center provides accessible voting and voter registration services.

It opens about 20 days before each election to provide in-person, accessible voting for all voters, and specifically those voters who require assistance to vote privately and independently.

“She ready to give you a good show as promised,” the woman typed.

The woman told the girl to follow Salazar’s instructions.

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Over the past three years, the city has been bringing in sand to widen the beaches between 10th and 61st Streets - as much as 150 feet in places - modeled after similar "beach nourishment projects" in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Daytona Beach.

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