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His discussion is superficial, at best, lacking both depth and precision. It is clear that the question is one of chronology. Bruins and van der Plicht did not set out to disprove Wood's thesis. These depict Egypt as a stable, properous nation at the very time the traditional biblical chronology date for the Exodus says Egypt should be a nation devastated by plagues. He argued that a reanalyis of pottery shards excavated from City IV, stratigraphic considerations, scarab evidence, and a single radiocarbon date all converged "to demonstrate that City IV was destroyed in about 1400 B. Assertions made without data to back them up are unconvincing. Six of these samples were charred cereal grains from the City IV destruction. And the archaeological and historical data from Egypt must also be explained. The foregoing article was abstracted from The Biblical Chronologist Volume 2, Number 3.

In their case, the Palestinian Jesus is just an adaptation of the Arian-looking Jesus of the classic Christian iconography.The problem continued to baffle the experts until the 1950s when the site was re-examined by Dame Katherine Kenyon under the joint sponsorship of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem, The American School of Oriental Research, also in Jerusalem, the Palestine Exploration Fund, the British Academy and the Royal Ontario Museum.Her analysis of the site caused her to completely re-assess Professor Garstang's findings.Last week we saw that in the 1930s the most eminent archaeologist of the day Professor Garstang (who is still extremely well regarded by archaeologists and especially Egyptologists) saw the archaeology of Jericho as confirming the Biblical account of its destruction.His findings however caused a number of difficulties for Egyptologists.

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