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Uefa handed the him a two-game touchline ban in 2005, which covered both legs of a Champions League quarter-final with Bayern Munich from which Chelsea emerged victorious.

During the tie at Stamford Bridge, where Mourinho was nowhere to be seen, it was noted that Chelsea's fitness coach Rui Faria was wearing an ill-fitting woolly hat and was regularly scratching his ear.

He has a bit of steel about him,""It is such a highly intense results industry, you need people who go into it to have a bit of steel about them, a bit of character and personality."Ferguson, who has had to watch from the sidelines as both David Moyes and van Gaal failed to build on his legacy and seen United drop away from title contention, said it was understandable Mourinho would bring his own faithful lieutenant with him."You have got to have, in your assistant, someone you have trusted all your life," said Ferguson."When I came to United, I brought Archie Knox because he was a valuable person for me. Jose Mourinho has had his assistant for years and, quite rightly, has stuck by his own man," he said."If Jose hadn't had an assistant, I know he would have taken Ryan."Ferguson, who unlike fellow United legend and director Bobby Charlton always been a fan of the volatile Mourinho, said he hoped Giggs chose his first management job wisely."I think he is ready to manage and he has a lot of quality," said Ferguson."He doesn't want to spoil that quality by going to a club where it is sacking a manager every two minutes."As for when he first saw him as a teenager Ferguson said he had no doubts Giggs would develop into a superb player."You knew right away...Jose Mourinho's stadium ban takes effect this weekend, meaning the Chelsea manager will not be present for his side's Premier League meeting with Stoke.The rules of his punishment mean he will not be allowed to enter the match day venue, Stoke's Britannia Stadium, before, during or after the game and cannot communicate with staff at any point.the way he ran over the ground," he said."I referred to it like a cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind.His feet never seemed to touch the ground.", Alex Ferguson concluded.

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