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However, if your mind is up to it, you'll discover the wondrous possibility of the story.Admittedly after the first few episodes (about 5 or 6), the story changed too much in its focus and tried to cater to those who wanted rom-com, which in my opinion, brought down a fabulous story that could only come once in a decade or so, to something that's only 'good'.It became apparent that her writing suffered once screening started.Nevertheless, each episode till the end had not disappoint. Compared to its early episodes it was not as brilliant but compare it to other dramas it still remained good.She used to have a warm and kind personality, but after 9 years of harsh working experience she has become cold. The writer painstakingly drew our attention to the heart conditions of many individuals who know or unknowingly hurt themselves and others. Sex outside marriages can bring about much social problems but well, this is not a non-fiction : D Romance wise, it undoubtedly lived up to its name.After a failed romantic relationship, she tells people that she does not believe in love. So while the young ladies dream of prince on white horses, noona should dream for 'sweet potatoes' la.. Namgung Min and Yu Ha-Jun are so attractive even with their ages.

And what to tell you I loved this series except for the last episode.

It is painful enough to endure them at any age, let alone in a young and vulnerable season when life should be wondrous.

But I believe such things really happen to some young teenagers, because at Sundance last January I met Nikki Reed, who co-wrote the screenplay when she was 13, and was 14 when she played Evie, the movie's troublemaker.

Deep down inside though, she can't give up on real love. It wasn't without its faults but the overall feel of the drama will leave you hopeful of the unknown - relationships, friendships, career, etc - also loved how most of the characters grew into people better than who they were yesterday. Seriously, Joo-Wan is the PERFECT LOVER to all women. Kim So-Yeon is so naturally beautiful and watching Fall in love with Soon-Joon.

Sung Joon as Sweet Potato might just be the best thing about this show! Their chemistry during the last 2 episodes was on fire! Everything was perfect no fake kissed and also great acting. The chemistry is great and Sung Joon was the perfect boyfriend! And the rest of the I need romance series of course.

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