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Turns out, everything, when it comes to the internet.

How you represent yourself online means a lot these days; whether you’re applying for a new job and, along with your references, the potential boss does a little Facebook perusing to find you; or you’re meeting a possible romantic partner (or hook-up) who you met on Tinder and you just wanna stalk their Instagram…just a bit.

After the first party lines opened, the fad exploded.

Teens learned they could dial a simple phone number and charge any rates directly to their parents’ phone bill.

You’re supposed to try to get a girl, not a football.”Welcome to the party line, a group phone call where teens went to meet strangers in the mid 1980s.

Think of it like a precursor to the internet chat room.

Terry sees the squad being immature and takes them to the briefing room to teach them about adult parties and the rules. I also like that you have a pillow in the background that reads “no dogs.” I assume there’s other text there that’s obscured. In fact it says “No dogs allowed on this sofa.” I do believe that they can read it and show that pillow the respect it deserves. On the subject of “household stuff,” the Salvation Army showed up yesterday to remove my mattress foundation, so now my hallway is empty again, and it’s totally weird. Gold star start to your (theoretically) no spend weekend. Plus they have that dollar rack right next to the entrance that is always filled with crap, but it’s funny crap or, like, a cool toy or something, and I always want that kind of stuff. But my hotel room is already paid for, the fees are covered and this one provides lunch, dinner and beer. NICOLE: Do you mean that you paid for your hotel, or that the field hockey team did? I’m splitting the room with three other girls, so it’s super cheap. I’m playing field hockey in a warm spot tomorrow so sometimes big stores with central air call to me. Working at home is fantastic and a million times less stressful than office life. (I started getting my own room the minute I could afford it.) But I always hated slumber parties as a kid. I don’t mind being alone but the more people around usually the more fun I’m having. I once took a nap at the warped tour, with zero drugs or booze in my system. Like, call Sarah Mc Lachlan, this is ASPCA level sadness. But I also hope you don’t spend money that you don’t want to spend, because that is my professional job. GARLI: I too, hope that you have a fab weekend with no friends sleeping in your house and getting into your sleep time. It is in fact a million times less stressful than office life! I’m also a big sucker for my dogs and they’re sitting on either side of me while I prep for a meeting on Monday so when I’m annoyed I can just tell them about it and pet them and then I’m less annoyed. Basically you are much braver than I am, because you did it on purpose. NICOLE: You are a more generous person than I would be in that situation! GARLI: Yeah, I am like the extreme version of extrovert. no comfort here.” GARLI: *single tear* NICOLE: Well I hope your weekend is amazing and a lot of fun, and I kinda hope you go to Target and get one of those pictures that says “Friends” all around the frame and take a hotel room slumber party photo to put in it.

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