Who is nick dating in the great gatsby

That night, Nick finds himself unable to sleep, since the terrible events of the day have greatly unsettled him.

Wracked by anxiety, he hurries to Gatsby's mansion shortly before dawn.

s narrator, but he isn’t the protagonist (main character).

This makes Nick himself somewhat tricky to observe, since we see the whole novel through his eyes. This difficulty is compounded by the fact that Nick is an unreliable narrator – basically, a narrator that doesn’t always tell us the truth about what’s happening.

Yet with Nick Carraway, Fitzgerald took a step outside that box in two controversial scenes--in the elevator with Mckee at the end of Chapter II and on a commuter train early in Chapter VII.

The homosexual implications of these two scenes are supported elsewhere, such as (also in Chapter VII) when Nick mulls over turning thirty, "a decade of loneliness.

He does so even though it patently gives the lie to his earlier account of his past.

Nick tells Gatsby that he will help him with the plan.

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Nick grew up in the “middle West,” (what we call the Midwest), in a wealthy family that was “something of a clan” (1.5).

As Nick walks home, Gatsby startles him by approaching him from across the lawn.

Gatsby seems agitated and almost desperate to make Nick happy—he invites him to Coney Island, then for a swim in his pool.

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a thinning list of young men to know..." and in the distinctive way he describes and reacts to men versus women, Jay Gatsby in particular.

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